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I understand their line of questioning because there is clearly some serious denial of what qualifies as sexual behavior and sexual attraction. I don’t buy that masturbating is like sneezing or taking a shit. “Fucking yourself” is hardly a metaphor - that’s basically what it is. Just recently someone was saying that they know they’re asexual because when they masturbate, they don’t imagine themselves in their mental scenarios - which is ridiculously common I’m sure. And then there’s all the stuff about “aesthetic attraction” that gives you a boner but totally is not sexual attraction,- uh huh, sure. Or the demisexual/gray shit where sexual discernment is supposed to be a totally unique quality among them. So anything beyond a reasoned argument for how their behavior is completely not sexual is a just-so-story to me.

I can understand asexuals masturbating. Masturbation feels good. It’s like vegans eating tofurkey.

What I want to know is, what would someone’s sexual orientation be if they are not attracted to anyone, but still masturbate? It’s not gay, straight, bi, or pan. And if the answer is “autosexual”, then all of a sudden it’s not just aces making up bullshit special snowflake words.

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    This is great. And thank you for writing about these issues with compassion.
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    Interesting discussion; don’t recall how I came across it and haven’t traced it to its original context. There’s a lot...
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